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Simon Fowler

Simon Fowler began his photographic career with LFI (London Features) shooting pictures of the rich and famous for press syndication.


By the time Fowler had set up in his west London studio he was Smash Hits photographer of choice. The gangs of young girls who congregated from time to time in the street outside were bunking off school to catch a peek of Spandau Ballet, Boy George, Duran; Bros, Kylie, Rick Astley... Whichever pop act was being immortalised on film that particular day.


King met Simon through Smash Hits but would go onto commission his talents for a number of sessions. Most notably he filmed the band for the sleeve and artwork on their second album 'Bittersweet' where he captured some of the best individual band photo's the group ever took along with Paul's Steve Van Zandt inspired bandana look.


In 1986 Simon's worked with King on two further occasions, once for Record Mirror on location in Madrid where the band were performing and finally a session that included a trip to Battersea Park. These last photo's would feature in the bands September 86 Japanese tour programme.

More info on Simon's career here.



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