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Born: November 20th 1960 - Galway Eire

Instrument: Vocals & piano

Former member of: The Reluctant Stereotypes

A music & clothes nut. Paul attended his first rock concert age 12 when David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust arrived at the Coventry theatre changing the youngsters world view for ever. Spending all his spare cash on records, punk gigs and second hand clothes Paul arrived semi-formed at the cities drama school in 1979. Within weeks he'd been recruited to the Reluctant Stereotypes and toured the UK for the next 18 months meeting Perry Haines along the way and hatching the plan for his own band.

Post the band: In the 90's Paul enjoyed a successful career as a presenter and producer for MTV Europe helping launch VH1 UK in 1994. Returning to his theatrical roots Paul hit the stage in 'A Fakes Progress' at London's Cochran theatre and continued climbing the television career ladder becoming an executive producer at MTV Networks. A broadcaster, actor, music documentary maker and citizen of good ship planet earth. Paul currently resides in Hertfordshire UK.

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