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Born: March 29th 1962 - Coventry UK

Instrument: Keyboards

Former member of: The MP's 

Mick had classical training in piano from the age of four and at fifteen was offered a scholarship to Royal Academy. Leaving school at seventeen he worked for six months as a lawnmower sales man before his pop break which came courtesy of early 70's chart band Edison Lighthouse. Quickly establishing himself as a piano for hire our teenage Mick moved then onto back legendary pop acts such as The Pioneers and Crystals but eventually becoming frustrated with the session scene in 1980 he joined local ska act The MP's before signing on board with King in 1981.

Post the band: Mick ran a studio to help people learn music and production skills. He also launched a Teacheasy resource pack aimed at helping primary school teachers to teach music to young kids. He can currently be seen performing with Coventry band The Swaines.

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