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James 'Jackal' Lantsbery

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Cartoon James Jackal Lantsbery
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Born: May 6th 1959 - Coventry UK

Instrument: Guitar

Former member of: Team 23 

Between 1982 - 84 King rehearsed in the attic of Jim's fathers house in Gulson Road Coventry.

A sports fanatic the high insurance on Jim's fingers forced the guitarist to quit his beloved scramble biking. However an equal passion for soccer and in particular Coventry City Football Club meant that the 'jackal' often cited the teams Highfield Road stadium as his favourite place.

King actually performed at Highfield Road in 1984 as part of a memorial game for local player Bob Roberts. Following that meeting with the players Jim and the group became regulars at the social club of the teams training ground at Ryton and much to Jim's pleasure Coventry City stars were regular attendees of the Kings home town gigs.

Post the band: Jim moved into studio sound engineering most notably working on the bhangra scene.

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