Fabio Nosotti

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Fabio is an Italian Fashion and Music photographer who in the mid 80's worked as a contributor, journalist and photographer to various magazines: Ciao 2001, Tutti Frutti, Rockerilla, Tutto Musica and Hi-Fi. He also worked for Videomusic, the first Italian music TV channel.


In February 1985 he first photographed King at an international press promotion day in Margate UK following a postponed concert the evening before in Southend.


The show was cancelled for safety reasons due to the over selling of tickets, consequently King partied the night away and all photos from the next days press see the group looking blurry eyed and quite obviously feeling rough. The best or worst evidence of this being the Music Major Magazine special on the band which was largely made up of photographs from that hang over morning.


Anyway undeterred by his introduction to King Fabio caught up with guys again in Italy snapping some of their live shows and also persuaded Paul King to come to his studio in Milan for solo photo shoot.


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